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Truhen und Fässer aus verschiedenen Holz- Holz einfärben


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    Hello, this appears to be a non-English post. Below you will find a transcription of the topic being discussed.  


    Title: “Dyeing chests and barrels from various wood-wood”  


    Text: “Hi. For some time I have the idea that you could craft chests and barrels from the different types of wood. Furthermore, you could bring a fruit or plant into play that you process into oil which you then mix with dye to craft oil paints.so you would have the opportunity to paint wooden boards in the desired color. Depending on the type of wood, the color is then lighter or darker (birch wood at the lightest Black oak wood at the darkest. So you would have an incredible number of different possibilities and could e.g. Color doors, boats, etc.” 

    - Translated by Admin

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    Das hab ich mir auch schon öfter gedacht allerdings kann man gefärbte Truhen und so weiter auch wieder besser für die Einrichtung nutzen