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A new for shovels - Propulsion


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    while this concept could use some work, I do believe the mechanic could be implemented to further prevent a basic PVP meta, inspiring people to adapt to and partake in any kind of playstyle when going into both PVE and PVP. you could just go smashing shields and skulls with the axe or slay from a distance with the trident, while the shovel could be more so tied to a more organized yet chaotic playstyle, taking advantage of the landscape, nearby players, and more importantly the situation to make yourself hard to predict, carefully crafting various setups with shovel-bouncing combos or just bouncing around to get close up and personal or for the sake of trolling (as I basically demonstrated in my suggestion).

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    And then, add a new weight system so you can only carry around 2 tools with full armor. Sounds fun...