Earplugs for warden.


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    We can also enchant the earplug with curse of binding, so earplugs will not be movable.

    Earplugs can also be plugged to other players (if multiplayer).

    Earplugs can also be plugged into your iron golem by a witch. But golems can see the witch.

    Earplugs can also be plugged into players also by witch. You can see the witch of course.

    Witches will be very annoying but can be awesome sources of earplugs.

    maybe 10% chance of witch giving you earplug.

    Loot chest (village, dessert temple, dungeon, EXEPT TREASURE CHEST) have 80% chance of having an earplug.

    Treasure chests should have 700% (7 pieces of earplugs per treasure chest)

    It should be now not easy to find.