Increasing Elytra Velocity


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    They didn't make them much slower at all. You're exaggerating it WAY too much. It is only a decrease from 30 to 26 blocks per second, and it only applies to firework rocket boosting, which you should only really be using to gain height and avoid landing, otherwise you're doing it inefficiently. Besides, combined with the durability change this actually gives strategic value for flight duration 2 and 3 rockets which were virtually useless before. Now durability is taken away based on rocket use, with -3 points taken with any rocket regardles of flight duration. This means if you're travelling long distances, it's optimal to use higher flight durations so that you can keep launching further without depleting as much durability. The decreased firework speed balances out the fact that Elytra durability is now more optimal, which is needed due to the new world generation with the highly varying elevations. Gliding without fireworks (a technique whose speed was not affected) will now become a much more valid option for travelling during regular gameplay with the new caves and elevated terrain, meaning that fireworks are not as needed anyway now for speed and having them as fast as they were would just make it a tad too overpowered with the new generation. Besides, it does help with performance provided you're using fireworks wisely and not just spamming. I've noticed people travelling further than I'm used to seeing without bumping into unloaded chunks. It's subtle yet helpful.