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Enchanting system revision


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    I like where this is going, but there are some things I'd like to consider when looking at your Idea:

    Enchantment slots / runes:
     Enchanting, as we all know, is somewhat overpowered, especially with lategame gear. this is where enchantment slots come in. a new tool or piece of armor should always start with zero slots, meaning it will not be enchantable. however, by creating a runic table (made with 3 stone, 1 diamond, and 2 leather), you will be able to craft different runes (Omega for armor, Alpha for tools, and Delta for weapons), which can be used to either add a enchantment slot or charge an already enchanted weapon. as for the max amount of slots that can be inserted, here's a list:

    wood/leather gear - 0

    Stone / chainmail gear - 1

    Diamond/netherite Gear - 2

    Iron gear - 3

    Gold gear - 5

    Misc. gear (Turtle helmet, elytra, etc.) - 5

    Magic meter:
    every piece of armor, tool, and weapon should have a hidden meter that shows up as soon as the player equips or holds it, only visible when the player hovers over it. when said Items are being used, this meter will go down, and if the enchantment has multiple levels, certain percentages will temporarily degrade said levels to a lower tier, encouraging players to occasionally use runes of the said Enchantment-type to refill this meter. upon reaching 0%, the enchantments will no longer work, meaning you will be stuck with Semi-unenchanted gear.

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    And if anyone is wondering, Bows, shields, and crossbows would probably have a enchantment cap of 3, much like Iron gear.

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    I'd say the idea would be cobblestone being used with corresponding dyes and 4 lapis to make certain runes.