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Instead of tiered shields, make shields a part of a tier.


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    This idea is good except that I would implement the blocking tiers as possibilities, not a scale. This means the sword block has a 50% chance of blocking all melee damage instead of blocking 50% of the damage consistently.

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    I do like the idea of each shield having a certain percentage to block all damage, rather than blocking a certain percentage of damage 100% of the time. Maybe when you first raise a shield, it will have a relatively low percentage to block, but as you hold it, it "charges" up to its max blocking capability (So the small shield might go from 25% to 50% after you hold it for a second or two.)

    Maybe axes, crits and/or fully-charged attacks would be able to make that percentage drop, so the more hits you you take, the less able your shield is able to defend you.