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New caves and new mobs


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    These are all nice ideas, but I very highly doubt they would be able to do anything more than they are already doing with this particular update. Caves & Cliffs already changes literally all of the fundemantals of the game, from the world generation and biome distribution systems to essential mob spawning rules. It's not just adding new tools; from what we can see it's setting the foundation for what the Minecraft world would look like in terms of world generation as a whole. It's making terrain generation independent from biome distribution, allowing terrain to form first into hills, plateaus, cliffs, overhangs, and various landscapes that biomes spread throughout and adapt to afterwards. That combined with the new cave generation and 3D biomes, is a complete game changer. Besides, three cave biomes is still quite a few, especially with how fleshed out and unique the Deep Dark, for one, is planned to be. From what we know about it, it would be one of the most unique and fleshed out experiences of any biome yet. I mean, it literally has 5 unique blocks all with gameplay functionality. They can only do so much in one update, and even though they split it for that reason they still made incredible advancements with this update to the point where it is absolutely revolutionary. It's certainly not the last cave update the game could have, so there will always be chances for more.