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Age of Survival Update?


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    Continuing :P on starting with the idea of a Thirst System, by adding a Thirst Bar this can challenge the player to risk well being from drinking dirty water, add new opportunities for various drinks, and add inventory challenge. Thirst will also have an affect on your recovery of Health combined with your Hunger Bar. When you deplete all your Thirst Bar your character will suffer damage. Cleaning the water can now be achieved via the Cauldron, so instead of a block of water being placed in a players base now clean water from the cauldron is necessary.

    The Hot and Cold System would work wonders with environmental challenges and will work with the player’s Hunger and Thirst Bars. Hot environments will drain your Thirst Bar Faster while Cold Environments will drain your Hunger Bar faster. These effects can be negated depending on the armor being worn. No armor will negate hot environmental effects while Armor with wool inside them will negate cold environmental effects, but how do you get the wool inside the armor? Well that’s where the Protector system comes in.

    I need more space again give me more time.

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    Another couple of body slots near the character’s inventory model can now hold Protectors. Tiny shieldings that can negate an attack completely rarely, but suffer great durability loss in return. With these new slots you can now put in any color wool and have them be displayed on the characters model adding to character customization with combination with colored leather and various Gears. This will also challenge the player into deciding whether spending resources on a protector (preferably 1 ingot worth) is worth the resource usage or not.

    For the Smell system the player has a default smell, which normally doesn't affect anything. Introducing the new Soap item though this can be scented by various items like Cocoa and can have certain effects on mob’s behaviors. Like having Rotten Flesh Scent so zombies ignore the player or Fish Smell to attract cats. You will need to be in water though so the Soap will rub off you.

    Moving onto the Aquatic side that Depth Monster of Ocean can very well be added now fitting the nature of this update. And what’s more fitting in a survival update and fighting water monsters than a new survival weapon, the Spear, which can deal piercing damage instead of slashing damage? Maybe it can be the only tool to damage small fish rather than swimming up to it and hitting it with another tool? After all fish are pretty fast and could easily dodge slashes instead of pokes.

    And that’s all i got for this very long suggestion. Thank you for reading.