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Please fix Minecraft Feedback.


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    I agree the sight could use some improvements... but I disagree with a some of what you said.

    Comments SHOULD need approval, because if they don't then people with say really rude or inappropriate things that nobody wants to read. Plus, it helps prevent spam.

    A reply function would be so nice! (especially since they blocked peoples usernames. At present everyone is called "Registered User," so there is no way to directly reply.

    When a post is deleted, it should really give you a little message with a reason why. Usually it's because it either broke some rule, or something like that. But it would be nice to know what specifically. They do have every right of deleting peoples posts if they feel it's necessary though.

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    This is what I want instead and it would be easy to maintain. Please consider this! 🙏
    1. They need a rejected category instead of deleting it, which will be automatically deleted after a month. If you edit the rejected post it will be sent back into pending. The votes and comments will not be removed! One of my posts got a ton of votes and I was extremely hopeful. I noticed a small spelling error, but when I corrected it my post was deleted. That should never happen, so this category needs to be added.

    2. The Feedback post managers will have default replies they can give to tell you why they rejected your post. This will make it fast and easy for them. Or they can leave a comment to you if they decide to, but only you can see it.

    3. You can add a comment when posting your post which only the website managers can see. Sometimes feedback managers delete posts by mistake and this could help prevent that.

    4. There should be a promotion category where users can promote one of their posts. By default users will only see posts they have not voted on. They can also reject a post which will do nothing to the post, but they will not see that post anymore in the promotion category. It will not impact what anyone else sees. This would be a perfect way to get lots of votes.

    5. Personalized customization options. Users could customize what they see on the website with default backgrounds, give their profile a default icon from a massive list, ect.