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Limiting Number of Enchantments in an Equipment


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    Maybe doing that different materials give different numbers of maximum enchantments, for example:

    Gold- 6 enchantments, the best for enchanting

    Leather and Chainmail - 5 enchantments

    Iron - 4 enchantments

    Diamond and Netherite - 3 enchantments, so the players can't have every single enchantments and being immortal

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    Yea. I feel like this should be a game rule that you can enable, it would make the game more fun because you would need multiple sets of armor for different things, you wouldn't just have 1 set of op armor. Players defiantly would want the option to turn it off though because it would probably be annoying. It might not be the perfect thing right now though, because there aren't really enough different types of enchantments you could choose from.