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This category is for the special Experimental Combat Snapshot feedback only and features that exist in this snapshot only. This category is temporary and WILL be archived when we have a new snapshot to discuss. This keeps your feedback relevant, fresh, and current. Please focus on features that are IN the release and do not suggest new features/weapons/mechanics here. Thank you.


Harmful splash potions (slow, poison) are useless, needs to be stackable


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    I agree. Lingering Potions are relatively useless in most circumstances. Especially in singleplayer.

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    Would still be too op with harming, even with some kind of throw cooldown

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    Whoever thinks this is overpowered is quite Ignorant, while having a stack of 24 splash potions of instant damage (yes, I think this is a fair amount) may sound like too much, a throwing cooldown of 2.5 seconds could easily nerf this, not to mention would really help with inventory management, making splash potions a viable mid-ranged weapon that requires and rewards timing, accuracy and understanding of the scenario you're in. besides, projectiles don't trigger INV frames, and that could be considered Overpowered if you have a crossbow with tipped arrows of instant damage. this suggestion is more of a convenience rather than balancing.