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Change caves and cliffs part 2 from 1.18 to 1.17.5


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    Mojang never confirmed they would call the second part 1.18, it is just youtubers giving it 1.18 naming with no clue.

    I think too that 1.17.something is more appropriate and I am of the idea that mojang will do that

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    I don't know if you're familiar with how version labeling works, but 1.17.5 doesn't mean that it's halfway between 1.17 and 1.18. 1.17.5 would mean that it was the fifth minor update of the major 1.17 update. This would imply that it mainly fixes bugs. Since Caves and Cliffs is so huge--possibly the biggest update so far--it wouldn't make sense to not give it its own major update number.