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The cave temple


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    The chance of it spawning is very Little to none

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    I like the idea, but I imagine it should have:

    • loot & traps (like the desert & jungle temples have traps, [Maybe the ocean monument could count as it has the 3 elder guardians & the prismarine, the sponges, & the sea lanterns for loot])
    • a secret (The top floor of a desert temple is perfectly sized to have a beacon in it, the Jungle temple has a hidden room with a puzzle. & the ocean monument has a 2x2x2 block of gold in its center)

    So, I imagine it should have something along the following lines:

    • a trapped chest for the loot, which sets off a piston trap that will drop gravel on you (to avoid this you can simply break the chest or open it from farther away)
    • a secret of some kind,
    1. Easter Egg (it could be a room filled with raw ore blocks [mostly copper, with chances for gold & iron to replace them like with mossy cobblestone in villages] or an alcove behind the chest of just the right size for a nether portal, [probably not because of ruined nether portals] or a weird alter/statue room like in the woodland mansions)
    2. Hidden loot (perhaps that could be  a loadstone, or perhaps it could be a wall of obsidian right behind the loot chest, or it could even be a hidden loot container [ie. a white shulker box among a floor of quartz pillars])
    3. Spawner (not really many ideas here to make anything other than a dungeon/Stronghold alternative)