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Nametag should be required for renaming items


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    Mineboy xbox commented
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    IMO this would just make the renaming process worse, I think a better application for nametags would be if they didn't require xp or were somehow reusable (I'm not sure how they could be reusable, perhaps instead of every tag being a single tag it could have a texture change to look like a pile of tags or multiple on a ring)  Them being required to rename an item makes the process of getting something thats only cosmetic tedious, and a tedious task for a cosmetic reward may not sit well with a lot of the community.

    TL;DR: This makes it too long of a process for renaming something, and there are other ways of using nametags that would sit better with the community

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    Melly Dow commented
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    Mineboy xbox

    While I get your point, that implementation you suggested makes the Nametags one use a nonissue but makes them pile up again. Between getting them from multiple structure loot pools and fishing, you an end up with a lot especially if you afk fish farm. Having reusable tags would only make this worse.

    I still think they should remain single use as Them being used to rename entities would be redundant but again piled up treasure like junk. I think a better compromise is a Entity naming nametag and a Item naming nametag, this way you can consume both and each have their intended use instead of just 1 use.

    This is also flawed due to having to add another item that could be covered by the 1 item we have now.