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End DLC level idea (check comments as well)


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    The secret levels (had to be cut for space): 

    Level 5 (secret): Deep Dark

    This is a full level set in the Deep Dark. The mobs: Usual, Skulkers,


    Level 6 (secret): End Village

    This level is about a lost Village in the End. The mobs: same as level 2, Villagers (part of the objective),

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    My End dlc ideas

    4 new biomes:

    1. Chorus Forest

    Includes mobs: Purpur slimes, phantoms, endermen, Warden, end skeletons, web spiders.

    2. Amethyst Caves

    Include mobs: Shulkers, endermites, end zombies, illusionist, brown spiders, bone spiders.

    3. Warden's Ruin

    Include mini bosses Ender dragon, wither.

    Mobs: purpur slimes, endermites, mob C the Great Hunger, Shulkers, end zombies, end skeletons, web spiders.

    4. Warden's Bastion

    Includes boss Ancient Warden.

    Mobs: Royal Endermen, shulkers, endermites, endermen, end skeletons, bedrock skeletons, Obsidian skeletons, purpur golems, end zombies, wardens, end slimes, phantomes.