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Blocking Modified Clients!


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    Now yes, I can understand why you may be upset if someone hacks on you, but in some communities, hacking is part of the experience(anarchy servers) and in that case, banning them would HURT the community more than help them, so honestly, it should stay how it is now, dont use it on servers that dont allow it but if the server says its ok, then let em hack as much as they want(since its not against server rules) and on realms, maybe have univ ban be REPORT based, so that way, e.g, the realm host allows duping, well, if someone dupes, then, its allowed, dont ban em, if the person allows cheating, let em cheat, anarchy realms shouldnt be banned, since 1st off, realms are often used by a group of friends, who agree on a set of their own rules, banning cheating on realms(despite what the owner says) is kinda a jerk move