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Upgrade your armor with copper plates


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    I prefer just another type of armor with copper.
    A entire copper armor between the iron armor and the gold armor.

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    No one will use the copper armor beacuse you get iron right after you find copper. Copper plates can upgrade every armor level incules enchanted netherite armor, makes it usefull at every level

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    I like the concept for sure. However, I have two suggestions:

    1. Copper plating should only work on metal armours (chainmail, gold and iron). This is so that diamond and netherite don't become even more powerful than they currently are, and to give the earlier armours a bit more use. (Also, copper plating just makes more sense for metals in my opinion.)

    2. I feel like plating could give more interesting and unique benefits than just more protection. In real life, copper-plating is used to increase conductivity. What if copper plating in Minecraft made things easier to enchant. A copper plated iron sword would be almost twice as susceptible to high level enchantments as a plain one. Maybe, in the case of gold, which is already highly enchant-able, it could occasionally acquire enchantments beyond what should be normally possible, like unbreaking IV, fire protection V or depth strider IV. Once again, this would encourage players to use lower tiers of armour and give them the ability to upgrade it, possibly to the point of surpassing higher tiers.