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Remove Quartz Pillars from Mason Villagers


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    I agree, especially since the Mason's Workstation is the Stonecutter, which turns plain quartz into any other variant including Pillars in a 1:1 ratio, the Quartz trade is a flat out worse trade that only saves the player 1 shift+click in the stonecutter to cut all the quartz into pillars, which isn't an interesting mechanic.

    I think the Pillar trade should be replaced with un-glazed un-dyed terracotta. The previous level(Expert) of trades give dyed and glazed, and I think it would be a fair reward to (possibly) unlock plain (renewable) terracotta at Master level. It wouldn't replace the dyed+glazed trades, because if the player buys those they save time+dye+furnace fuel, but plain Terracotta would give more options for players willing to dye and smelt it into what they want.

    This way, both the Master level Mason trades are different and give a good amount of benefit, instead of one just being a worse version than the other.