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Projectiles that cause no damage shouldn't interrupt eating


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    Honestly they should just make snowballs and eggs not combat effective again. They seem kind of ridiculous in general.

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    I agree with the above post;

    Eggs, Snowballs, and Fishing rods aren't for PVP and shouldn't have been weapons; reminds me of a similar situation with End Crystals being put on Obsidian & Respawn Anchors and their power creep and how they changed the meta (At least they're hard to craft/get). This knockback on harmless projectiles was popularized by minigames but have bad repercussions for the vanilla game and mechanics as well as PVP relating to the vanilla experience in PVP and PVE.

    Its extremely easy to farm snowballs at Snow Golems, get eggs from chicken farms, and fishing rods from fishing itself at afk fish farms and string from spider farms and bamboo farms. This makes escaping eating resetting a nightmare on top of the obnoxious knockback that they deal (snowballs and eggs are basically a machine gun if they stack to 64 like now which is good for building but bad for combat) and sending you flying into the air and die of fall damage.

    None of these 3 items should be used in combat and shouldn't do knockback; they're too disruptive to not only PVP but many Vanilla mechanics outside of PVP/PVE like farms and Redstone setups. If servers really need to make them do knockback for Bedwars and Skywars, they can use plugins or mods to make them do knockback again, the vanilla game shouldn't introduce this; if you need ranged knockback, use a trident, crossbow, or bow.