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Minecraft should be more daring with updates!


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    1. They already have used mods as inspiration for updates (Horses were once a mod)

    2. The more daring the update, the more buggy the game, and the more laggy servers are (which is why many of them dare not progress past 1.12)

    3. Terraria has been out a long time, and guess which game is more popular. Hytale and Terraria aren't threats to Minecraft. Plus, Microsoft is Microsoft, if they broke competition law multiple times, they'll do it again

    4. Mojang is really smart with what to put in updates. They know if it's worth it or not. For example: Dog skins are highly requested, but will they really improve Minecraft that much? Also, I really doubt someone is going to quit Minecraft and play Hytale becuase dog skins and dragon pets.

    5. Mods are Minecraft's biggest strength. There might be mods for Terraria and Hytale, but there are way more Minecraft mods. It would take those games years to catch up to Minecraft in the amound of mods.

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    Never underestimate competitors. Sure, it's unlikely that Hytale can surpass Minecraft, but as they continue to deliver what Minecraft players have always wanted (but can't get), people will eventually move to the better game, unless Minecraft continues to provide exciting updates for the community. I hope Minecraft can continue to be successful over the years.

    Pet dragons and dog skins are highly requested, which is exactly why they should add it. While dog skins doesn't add any gameplay value to the game, it adds tremendous cosmetic value to the game, players can customize their pets further. Cosmetic variety is important in a game like Minecraft.

    People kept making excuses that mods can provide these things, but mods are incompatible with newer versions and can get buggy. Worse yet, Bedrock edition doesn't have these mods. Mojang should never rely on mods to better their game. If ideas in mods are popular enough, and if it fits well in fantasy Minecraft, then it's a good idea to add something similar to vanilla.

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    At least any feedback that makes it to "Under Review" should have polling rounds for inquiring on various mechanics or aspects. For one thing it would save the moderators from reading every comment or community members scrolling through all the comments liking similar ideas. They could just approval style like a poll option and only use comments to flush out additional details/comments.
    This would be handle for on the fence ideas like Bundles where it's hard to say exactly how many players are in which view on them.
    -only 1 stack
    -1 stack of stackable w/ 3 unstackables slots
    -3 stack worth
    -upgradable storage (material tiered)
    -upgradable storage (enchanting based)
    -pre-worldgen configuration

    In a approval style poll you would get more feedback, fewer comments of "good idea" and probably more feedback. Especially if "under review" topics got put into launcher news feed and maybe even able to into responses on the launchers which probably get broader traffic than the feedback website.