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Savanna Update!


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    I would love a Savanna update I really hope 1.20 will add new Savanna mobs like lions who will attack if you go to close into their territory and Lions can breed with a lioness only! or add cheetahs and some type of antelope so we can see a fun cheetah chase in Minecraft! Also make lions hostile to all farm animals and antelope and zebras. Speaking of zebras how about adding a zebra neutral non rideable donkey. Or add a new mob like elephants and maybe you can saddle them and ride them! Also make cheetahs neutral mobs to players. Or how about a giraffe that eats acacia leaves. Or a shy rhino that attacks only if provoked. Or maybe territorial hippos that attack if you hit them or get into or near their water. Or fast ostriches. Or sneaky Bat eared foxes that love to eat termites and shrews and rabbits. Or add a warthog that will come hostile if hit or if a player comes near there piglet. It'll be cool to add monkeys that live in Savannas and Jungles make them steal your dropped items and make them neutral. Also Add leopards that stalk you! Make a rare chance for a black leopard. And make the new frogs naturally spawn in the Savanna. Also make many animals come to drink from the waterhole. Or animal dens or termite hills. The Savannas right now Are a bit boring since there is just some villages some llamas and some farm animals roaming around and acacia wood and some mountains and hills that's it. Minecraft really needs this! Also please add pigeons or crows



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    Also elephant and giraffes should be added to the savanna.