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The new Grimstone Ores Should be Stackable with the Old Ones.


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    ammaaya commented
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    a simple way to do this is have all the Ore Blocks be the same, but the texture should change depending on the blocks around it as a block-state. Default would be the generic stone, if there's Grimstone it uses Gstne texture, Gold can do this for netherrack too.

    And when the world generates, the game can make sure that ores generating in the Grimstone layers generate with the Gstne textures, and from then on the textures only change when the Ore gets a block update (ie. when a block gets placed/removed next to it)

    this would add limits to building with the other ore variants(unless you use debug stick/commands), but it would improve inventory management a lot 

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    How would this work on mobile?

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    Badawan8716 commented
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    I think this is where bundles will play a bigger part and truthfully, its only iron and gold that will have a grimstone variant unless you have silk touch. Everything else just drops into whatever. The new caves will also have you preparing for different mining strategies. If you are going iron mining, you would be mining above Y 0 and in the mountains. If you want gold, you would go below Y 0 more than you be above it.