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    Porokking commented
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    I actually prefer the new ores exept the iron one but overrall im not a fan of this idea.
    Tought, it my opinion, and i can see why others old player ( yes im old but im bad ) will like the idea.

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    Rocky 27 commented
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    I agree 100%, as an OG player the new ores especially the iron ore are such an eyesore so pls make this a thing kind of like the Original texture pack.

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    Yea, the entire nether as a whole just hurts my eyes when using the old texture pack xD


    I think the ores are fine atm except for redstone, that one needs to change

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    There is also the Texture Update Beta pack, by the way, which has all of the current textures with the exception of the new ores and the new Zombified Piglins. I'm also sure someone would be willing to design such a texture pack (perhaps for free on the Marketplace).