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The warden drops its “sensors”


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    If this came as an icon showing what sort of vibration was detected, it's number, and the direction arrow it would definitely simplify things when it comes to using the new "wireless" redstone. I'm not looking forward to needing a list of "frequencies" to help me set up to detect player movement versus a button press, or whatever.

    Making the vibration mechanics intuitive while wearing your special helmet would be both more immersive and less frustrating.

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    I don't like this idea because its uses would be too few to actually be a valid reward after defeating the Warden.
    Plus the Warden is there not to be defeated by the player, but to add a lot of fear and challenge while in the Deep Dark.
    Anyway, let's suppose you defeat it, a special Helmet that can sense vibrations is not a good reward at all if you think about it