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Minecraft Earth Mobs into the Base Game


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    oh yeah and the Moobloom actually making it into the game wud be cool cos it lost minecon live

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    Bouldering Zombie in Mountain.

    Lobber Zombie in Swamp.

    Viler Witch in Dark Forest.

    Tropical Slime in Jungle.

    Bone Spider in... Cave?

    Furnace Golem in Desert Village.

    Snow Golem in Snow Village.

    Wooly Cow in Snowy Tundra.

    Umbra Cow in Dark Forest.

    Rainbow Sheep in Woodland Mansion.

    Cluckshroom in Mushroom Fields.

    Moobloom in Flower Forest.

    Moolip in Flower Forest.

    Fancy Chicken in... Woodland Mansion? Village?

    Melon Golem in... player summon.

    Jumbo Rabbit in... Taigas?

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    Additionally, basic mob skin variants should appear in different matching biomes.


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    well, i'm not sure about the different variants. Isn't there already enough variants in minecraft earth?