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If you want to propose a change to an existing structure (like villages), or add something brand new in a current dimension or biome, this is the place.


"Weak" Temporary Spawners, for use in structures.


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    The only problem I think this idea has is that the player might be taught to break or not break all spawners, so there might need to be a distinct difference. Maybe they wouldn't look too similar.

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    Elliander commented
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    Maybe the weker spawned will deactivate, and will only reactivate when a player leaves the chunk far enough to deactivate it in memory and then reactivate when a player comes back. That way the player can run through the dungeon, clearing it, but another player on the same server can do the same (if they don't break it of course). Going along with it, maybe each monster would spawn a piece of a chest that would be crafted together to make a chest with random loot, so a player can go through multiple runs or multiple players can go through it without the admin having to set the region to regenerate it's chunks.

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    Maybe on the weak mob spawner there is no strange  skull-bat-thingy on the side.