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If editing is rejected dont delete the post (i am afraid to edit my posts)


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    It isn't really constructive and it doesn't help with listening to the community if they are afraid to edit their posts. I have a post with 370+ votes that i want to edit to include something, but i'm not doing so for the sole fact that i'm afraid it will get deleted. Mojang did that to another player and he never got back the votes his first one originally had when he remade it.

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    Once I had a great (in my humble opinion) post that got removed.  After reading the rules of writing feedback, I realized it was because I had added some unnecessary pictures.  Because of one edit, my post got removed.

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    A post I recently edited and attached an image to got taken down for whatever reason. It's really annoying that it keeps happening and that Mojang hasn't given me an email telling me why they did it or anything.

    Edit: Turns out, after some trial and error, the post was getting taken down because of the image. I don't understand why since its only purpose was to display the structure I was going for, but that's what was causing it for whatever reason. Still shouldn't even be happening regardless.