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Choosing Pillager Team Rather Than villager


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    I like this, but how would it work? Also, you can kinda already do this in creative mode using spawn eggs.

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    I like the idea of good or evil alignment. There's a few things that I think would need to be worked out for sure:

    1. Regular villages don't have anything for defense but Iron Golems. Yet Pillagers have Vindicators and Ravagers as support. Maybe villages would need their own "Soldiers" or armed security?

    2. Neither side has anything that's very valuable usually. So a "Raid" would be sort of useless for the player. Most of the time it's just misc. items in chests for outposts and villages. Plus doesn't an "outpost" suggest a much larger group is out there somewhere? Food for thought. 

    3. If Pillagers are hostile by default, how do you get on their good side? Travel to an outpost and offer some sort of goods as appeasement? Or do you just need to craft an ominous banner and carry it to their outpost? Again, food for thought.

    4. If there's good or evil alignment, does that mean that a player starts Neutral? Or is a player good until proven Evil? 

    5. If there's Good and Evil wouldn't that potentially mean ongoing wars? Or does it mean that until a player picks a side both sides are at a stalemate?