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Remove eating interruption entirely


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    I really like it. Reminds me a lot of how combat is handled in Monster Hunter, it forces you to weigh your options and time your eating. Plus, with the (much, much better) new regen, you don't need to eat right away to heal, either, so it's really up to the player. And it helps gapple PVP tremedously. Even then, eating is so quick that I almost never actually had my eating interrupted, at least from mobs.

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    I think that smaller foods such as cookies should not have a an interotion because they would make having smaller foods a bit more useful without removing it internally

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    I agree completely.

    Choosing to eat while in the middle of getting critted out, is a choice the player has to make. Players should have choice. Also, if eating interruption existed, players would be forced to run away for ages to create a several seconds of distance to simply eat, before resuming the fight. Thus, prolonging fights unnecessarily. Normally players can take a few hits before they get their healing/food down.

    There should be no (forced) punishment to eating. Since normally, if you eat right in front of someone, you will be guaranteed to be lava'd, critted out with a sword or hit crystalled/anchored, in CPVP. So in the current combat system. The punishment is inherently there already, it does not need to be forced by Mojang. Instead, what many players currently do, is run back for about 1 second then eat while continuously backing up and jumping, to get away, to minimise the damage received while eating. Then immediately resume fighting. We should also remember that eating already punishes you by slowing your movement speed to a crawl.

    Players already effectively, try to avoid getting hit while eating. It is not like they try to get hit. So implementing this would not make a real difference and just be annoying and unnecessary for a game prized for its simplicity. Where, it is the player who create the complexity.