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Make integrated news feed below play button toggleable.


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    Yeah, either that, or my idea below this one.

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    Personally, I find the addition of a per-game news feed welcome, but think that attaching the "play" buttion to the scrolling game details page was detrimental to the user experience. Rather than simply removing the newsfeed, I'd recommend adding a consistent location on the launcher that can be clicked to launch a desired game.

    The new user interface metaphor employed by the launcher seems to be that of a game library, reminiscent of the one found in Steam and others. This neglects an important part of game library designs. Other designs allow users to launch w/o opening the game details page.

    Steam: Dbl Click on the title
    Origin: click the play icon by the cover art

    The design in launcher version beta 2.2.116x and later disturbs a highly consistent layout and makes it a moveable target.

    If the goal is to get the user to think about the minecraft launcher as launching more than just "Minecraft Java edition," then do that. Emphasize the list view. mucking about with the details page layout just adds friction to players enjoying the game. :)

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    My friend likes to be surprised by new features in-game, once they've been added. Having compulsory spoilers in big letters 1cm below the play button is a bit harsh.