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Please, I'm begging you! Let us pause the game!


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    ClaydeeTM commented
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    You CAN pause, just not in multiplayer. You hit the escape key while playing single player and the game comes to screeching halt. You can't do it in multiplayer for obvious reasons like:

    1. it would have to pause everybody else and that could get REALLY annoying

    2. if it didn't pause everybody else and just paused you, that would be really overpowered in PvP

    3. What would happen to you when you pause the game; would you just disappear?

    4. If going into your inventory or a chest paused you as well, that would get extremely OP

    For the above reasons, the only way to pause is the esc key in single player.

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    samgamuel commented
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    But I think that it should not be paused in the inventory since it is like a backpack

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    JustKiwikiwi commented
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    wait, is this for Minecraft dungeons? was not sure.

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    KipyMudkip1 commented
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    @ClaydeeTM it would be the same as pressing escape key because that is how pausing work also it would be something that would change how the inventory mechanics work your inventory is not for pausing the game