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Instant damage potions are too overpowered!


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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    It's only drinkable potions that are stackable. Splash potions can't be stacked.

    Also, 2 options can kill a full netherite on Bedrock Edition only, since the Protection enchantment doesn't protect you from it. On Java, it does.

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    OnionSOUPSS commented
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    Since you currently can’t stack splash or lingering potions, I think that harming should stay the way it is right now. 

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    We can't stack splash potions, only bottled.

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    you are 100% right, there is actually no way to avoid instant damage potions especially splash ones just like Dream's speedrunner vs 4 hunters finale rematch video!!

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    maybe call the enchantment magic protection so you cant have protection and magic protection at the same time because I think that would be fair