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amethyst armor/tools


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    cranzag commented
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    Purple Armor would be pretty rad. Besides, we already have Diamond Armor as a precedent for using crystals for armor

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    ThePugLord18 commented
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    id say it would be a good split between chainmail and iron,

    but crystals aren't very realistic for armour and tools, 

    although it would be a very cool addition

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    Dude we got netherite and its a little op but if the amythist is an upgrade from netherite it would be way too op and would have no use exept to show off unless they add some kind of super powerfull mob in the game

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    it doesnt have to be stronger than diamond or netherite. It can be between other armors or just the same but have something special of it.

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    Raqtor9965 commented
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    how the heck do you wear fragile crystals and call it armor? 


    you're clearly a bedrock player because you seem weak minded