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More block components in Add-on (like inventory and entity components)


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    Vechrozilator commented
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    This is how components should be like:
    "minecraft:container" type: JSON object
    "minecraft:container": {
    "slot": 27, (integer) //number of slots available in container
    "on_open": "event_sample" (string) // an event will execute if this container is opened
    "keep_items": false (Boolean) // when true it keeps item on destroy like shulker boxes
    "minecraft:emit_redstone": 1 (type: integer) // value from 0 - 15 signal strength of redstone, from 0 no redstone signal.
    "minecraft:on_redstone_react" type: JSON object
    This is a triggering event component
    "minecraft:on_redstone_react": {
    "condition": "(condition sample)",
    "event: "event_sample",
    "target": "self"

    Another crafting table type I think this is already plan.

    Also add these following components:
    (1) "minecraft:on_destroyed" a triggering event components different from "minecraft:on_player_destroyed", it's like "on_player_placing" and "on_placed" we also need that in some cases
    (2) "minecraft:affect_by_gravity": true
    (type:boolean) when true can fall like sand and gravel
    (3) "minecraft:can_climb": true
    (Type: boolean) when true can able to climb like vines and ladder

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    While I'm not sure how much they're planning on adding to the crafting_table component, it could be reworked to become a workstation component with options like the number of grid slots, if fuel is required [also a list of accepted items to use as fuel], if it will give or take XP, if enchantments are preserved, if recipes are unique or selected [like a stonecutter], how long it should take to craft (if at all), etc.

    These options should not be mutually exclusive, as it would be interesting if there was, for example, a 5x5 crafting table that requires fuel of some rare item type, or a variant on the stonecutter, where there is only 1 input slot, but each recipe has a different XP cost. In order to avoid the devs having to create a dynamic UI system for each of these options, the add-on creator will be able to choose from an existing UI layout (for simple spinoffs of the vanilla workstations) or to create their own through resource pack integration (for more complicated ideas, like the fueled crafting table example above).