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deep dark super glue (elytra with chesplate, please read before judging)


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    chop4238 commented
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    It would be better for them to add a special elytra slot

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    EastGun28 commented
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    If you add a special slot, it makes it so the glue is useless?

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    Mojang has said time and time again they want the elytra to be a trade off. Making elytra & chestplate possible is just too overpowered.

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    Rafadios2307 commented
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    Maybe that can be in a special rock more dificult to find than diamonds and you need a new table from the villagers or maybe the smithing table to combine it with the chestplate


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    They stated a thousand times that the Elytra is supposed to be a trade-off. Having both an Elytra and a chestplate is too overpowered; part of the fun is choosing between them.