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Expanded Inventory


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    I understand this post has not been touched in over a year but I am hear to add onto this.

    I agree, yes, with so many new blocks being added to the game a temporary item like the bundle that was announced won’t really do the trick. We need an actual inventory expansion, it has not been expanded since before even Notch left the game development team. The inventory should be expanded by 1 bar.

    Instead of the backpack idea, we could have a new chestplate enchantment that would also add more reason to use a chestplate over an elytra.

    This enchantment would be called expanding, it would have one level (like mending), it would increase you’re inventory space by another bar, so 2 extra bars of inventory space would be possible, 1 by default, and one with a new enchantment.

    This would add more reason to use a chestplate over an elytra, since quite literally no one ever uses a chestplate instead of an elytra these days, and also would solve the inventory issue, and a new enchantment, and increase the default inventory space as well. With so many new blocks being added, and even more with the upcoming Wild update and the future archeology update, this would be a great way to give players more space for items, unlike the bundle, or backpacks, this is not just an early game solution, you have the default extra inventory bar, and for players later into the game, they can get even more storage with the Expanding enchantment.