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This category is for the special Experimental Combat Snapshot feedback only and features that exist in this snapshot only. This category is temporary and WILL be archived when we have a new snapshot to discuss. This keeps your feedback relevant, fresh, and current. Please focus on features that are IN the release and do not suggest new features/weapons/mechanics here. Thank you.


Make Saturation Useful Again


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    Or maybe use healing potions.

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    monsieur7932 commented
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    Yeah new rgeen is fun in combat but nowehre else. Plus hunger drops and you dont even see it happening or know why at first. Feels like its random or smth. But I dont like saturation boost at all either. Its like legacy healing but worse. Health and food should work like in monster hunter, that game nails it

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    EdgieRock6 commented
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    My point of suggesting is mere fast hunger regeneration depletes hunger bar quickly and you won't be able to sprint in less than half a minute.It makes saturation value recognizable again without being broken and slowness of hunger regen makes heal pots more preferable

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    ooojangoi commented
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    I think they should just add an options in servers were low saturation should still make you sprint.