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Wind Chimes: Another use for Amethyst Shards..!


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    Chibi_ Fox64 commented
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    I absolutely LOVE this idea.


    • It gives another use for amethysts
    • It would allow players to hear that beautiful twinkly sound (which could be used to make any place feel mystical)  

    Not only that, but what if they were somehow dyable, or able to be changed in some way to make them have a slightly different sound and color.

    I wouldn't think they'd be placed like pickles, rather, like lanterns, and perhaps they could glow (maybe when combined with glow squid ink?) 

    I think this is a lovely idea, and I really hope the Mojang developers see it.

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    cranzag commented
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    Other items could be attached to add different sounds

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    It would be nice to have Obsidian & Nautilus shell chimes, coral chimes, it'd be so neat to be able to add individual arrangement of the chimes with their own sounds... oh the possibilities...

    These chimes are a great way to put more use into some of the resources that sit around in our chests collecting dust.

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    I love the idea that they tell you if it’s going to rain soon or the next day or something, having more chimes in random intervals like gusts of wind are coming in from the storm. Placing them on certain blocks could raise or lower pitch too like placing note blocks on certain blocks