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This category is for the special Experimental Combat Snapshot feedback only and features that exist in this snapshot only. This category is temporary and WILL be archived when we have a new snapshot to discuss. This keeps your feedback relevant, fresh, and current. Please focus on features that are IN the release and do not suggest new features/weapons/mechanics here. Thank you.


Combat Snapshot 8c is close but not perfect


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    Shields are overpowered, but I don't really see the problem with swords. In 1.8, diamond swords did 8 base damage, an additional 6.25 damage for sharpness 5, and attacked twice per second. So 1.8 swords did 28.5 DPS, while right now (according to Jeb's excel sheet) sharpness 5 netherite swords do 30 DPS, which isn't a very big difference. Also note that both 1.8 swords and 8c swords have the same reach when attacking in such a manner.

    Shields are overpowered because you can block and attack at the same time, which is fine for PVP but god mode for PVE. If blocking while attacking was removed, only then will I call the shield changes a nerf and not a buff.

    But other than this, I would love to see the combat changes sooner than later. I really like the current hunger system, though some say it is too fast. Whether it's fast or slow, it would still be a thousand times better than the broken 1.9 regeneration mechanic, and I'm excited to see the new hunger system, or something similar to it, in game.

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    Tridents are have a little more dps than diamond axes in java +1.13 and I think Jeb balanced it by making tridents have the same damage with dia axes but more reach than them

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    Yeah! I like the overall direction, but some changes I just don't see working. Shields aren't that fun to use yet, regen is unintuitive and inflexible, attack speeds could use tweaking, etc., but I love the way things are progressing and I'm excited to see what Jeb could do with mobs. Personally too, I think the Trident should have a 1.5 attack speed, but 12 attack damage. Otherwise, for how hard it is to attain, you're always better off with a Cleaving Axe.

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    three words:




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    As a 1.9 player, I would like to say that I approve of the direction the new combat is going, as much I enjoy a majority of the new changes, I would like to point out a few changes I do not agree with

    -Nerfed Damage to Swords and Tridents

    I find this change unnecessary and it makes the diamond sword feel more weak, in 1.8 the damage was higher and your allowed to click as fast as you can, up 7-8 clicks per second if you want to, so I find nerfing the damage to be unnecessary

    -Stackable potions

    I feel there was no purpose for stacking it, and it may make strength potions and many others, more overpowered

    -Axes can disable shields 100% of the time

    Ok, I agree giving Axes a buff at disabling shield, but I find 100% to excessive, instead I would like to suggest that Axes can do 80% or 90% when fully charged, and 40% or 50% when holding left click

    -Bow wobble

    I find this unnecessary, bows are already good enough as their is and many 1.9 players prefer Crossbows over Bows already

    -Shield not being able to block explosion damage as much

    I didn’t really like this change, the shield was nerfed pretty extensively already with this change, and I think having to do this is unnecessary

    -Tick delay when you miss an attack

    I think this is also unnecessary, because it makes pvp more ping based

    Despite my criticism, there are also changes I liked, and I would live to see these new changes be implemented in the new future, keep it up 👍