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****URGENT**** the new banning system is too strict for my kids!!


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    I understand many people are freaking out about this, but I'm pretty sure it won't affect many people, only those who take it too far. I very heavily assume that Mojang and Microsoft will not be permanently banning players for one small, minor offense(such as saying a single or a few bad words). If players would continuously be rude to others on a high level and have several warnings by admins, then they may be banned, but not on a scale that the average child or adult would achieve. Also, the new system of universal banning will definitely not delete single player worlds, only restrict online activity.

    Disclaimer: I do not work on Minecraft, but based upon strong reasoning, I believe they are not trying to make Minecraft an unplayable or unenjoyable game, just pushing out the people that try to do just that.

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    Swearing doesn't get you banned, but apparently this is not clear among the Minecraft community.

    You can find a list of forbidden things by pressing the left button of your mouse on this line of green text.

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    I agree, I think this ban system is too strict. Mojang should let servers Moderate themselves. Mojang also should add a strike system, temp bans and at least a way to appeal a ban.

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    I'm glad to see somebody understands how tightly strict it is. Anarchy servers have people spamming slurs, and stuff so this feature would ruin a whole portion of the servers if it were really this strict.