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Protection Enchantment should be nerfed


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    I agree. Protection needs to be more balanced and less powerful.

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    ShinokuMiyah commented
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    The other enchantments add 8% of damage reduction per level, so one piece of blast/projectile/fire protection IV has a 32% damage reduction against a specific damage type,

    You can reach the 80% protection cap against for example, fire, by just using three pieces of Protection IV (48% of DR) plus a piece of Fire Protection IV (32% DR), and this is one of the biggest problems regarding the other protection enchantments.

    48% + 32% = 80% DR

    If your nerf suggestion was implemented, the other protection enchantments should also be nerfed but, to 5% per level. So a full fire/projectile/blast protection IV is not an overkill and doesn't go beyond the 80% DR cap.

    But, Protection should stop working against poison, fire, lava, magma blocks, wither status effect, harming potions. This would make the other enchantments more useful.

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    RunOut64 commented
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    @ShinokuMiyah nope there's no need to nerf the other Protection enchantments! They have high values to try to make at least using one piece worth it but currently Protection is so effective that makes this kinda worthless! Nerfing them would just buff Protection again since by having one piece of the other specific type wouldn't be a huge difference and don't forget that those are limited to specific sources of damage! The nerf that i suggested would balance everything and make having at least one piece of other type of Protection be a more reoevant option

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    EdgieRock6 commented
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    I think it is balanced already with armor penetration mechanic,that grants less protection if you take more damage.That means 1 armor point is ignored per 2 health damage(each armor point grants %4 protection)

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    EdgieRock6 But armor penetration doesn't affect the protection enchantment. Protection is almost as effective as the armor itself, plus it doesn't decrease in effectiveness when damage increases, so it still needs to be nerfed.