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    This would be incredibly cool actually, Fuels are very easy to get in minecraft though, so it should maybe have other uses to make sure it still had value. Maybe if the liquid properties were very unique

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    Lee20Three commented
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    A new liquid would be great, especially for industrial builds in this case, and new fuels too. Could even have a minecart with a pump on it, because they can go in water now. Too un-vanilla-y though?

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    Don't want to be that guy, but Mojang wouldn't add this. Petroleum is a fossil fuel, and those types of fuels contribute to global warming. I like this idea, but if Mojang added to the game, it would attract too much controversy. There is also a chance that Microsoft may replace the people in Mojang.

    Edit: I realize how stupid my comment was as I forgot coal also does that and Microsoft didn't do anything about it. I'm sorry I caused you to have feelings of annoyance