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Make "unsecure" minecraft version warnings more subtle


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    NikitaNikOf commented
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    Fully agreed. I can suggest make an option like "disable unsecure version warnings" in settings to remove these symbols and messages.

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    I agree. This is not okay, Mojang. Please do not ruin the user experience of the launcher like that.

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    Peyoway commented
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    We need an option, I highly agree, I haven't played normal minecraft in a long time, and I don't want a huge warning icon slapped on EVERY version I use. Not cool mojang not cool.

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    kl0nos commented
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    Agreed! This kinda ruins the player experience on the launcher.

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    Rustam369 commented
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    I agree. Personally, it kind of makes me feel there's something wrong or broken with my installation :) Also, I think, instead of moving the warning symbol, there just needs to be an option in the launcher to turn it off.