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Divining Chime & Wind Chime [items]


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    Beefster82 commented
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    The wind chimes should need amethyst to craft because amethysts already sound like chimes, and amethyst needs more recipes.

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    I agree w/ @beefster82, there's another wind-chime post I commented on that I think is a little better but I really like the divining chime maybe using a compass and a redstone dust added to an amethyst wind chime.
    If be nice to see diviners for various resources.

    The recipe for a chime should involve more like 3 of the variant specific resource like amethyst, Copper, bamboo chutes, & maybe glass, or other varieties. Then 2 string, a pressure plate ( iron or wood variants) then either a chain on top or 3 iron or gold nuggets on the top.
    For example:
    🧵📥🧵 ../..🧵📥🧵 ../..🧵📥🧵
    🎋🎋🎋 ../..🔮🔮🔮 ../..🧊🧊🧊

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    I would benice to have Obsidian & Nautilus shell chimes too...coral chimes it be so neat to be able to add individual arrangement of the chimes with their own sound... oh the possibilities...