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Piglin Shaman/ Piglin variant


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    wmoshe4185 commented
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    Maybe the summoning of the blazes is a bit too overpowered, but other than that it sounds like a solid addition and would work great along with the piglin brute. This could be a great bridge between the lore of bastions and nether fortresses.

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    SteveGarder commented
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    Piglins are scared of soul fire, they should not use it. And also summoning Blazes is crazy.

    Mojang does not want to add to many variants of mobs in the game.

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    NOTSORRY1234 commented
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    Stevegarder there is only two variant of the piglin, so it would make sense if we want more

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    SteveGarder commented
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    They just should not use soul fire then. Only the piglin brute should not be scared of it.