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Villager quests and villager warrior


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    James L commented
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    Love this idea. A blue 'policeman' villager that looks like a Pillager only not grey and overly cranky. They could wander about and function like Iron Golems. I also like the idea of being able to click on villagers and give them armour, boots, pumpkin heads or whatever. So annoying when they just run around in circles and let other mobs hit them until they die.

    A nice little "go away" option in that click on and trade-upgrade might be nice too. The number of times they stick their face in front of what you're trying to build or trash is astonishing. You'd think they'd learn, but no, they watch their mate cop a set of stairs to the face mid-happy dance, then die, and the majority of them just stare at you and say "hmm" in a disapproving manner. If you're lucky, one at the back might adopt an "I'm out" attitude and leg-it for a while.

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    This idea is good but Mojang already made it clear that villagers are never going to fight in anyway shape or form. However I would love if Mojang added this but change villagers to golems make a new type of golem, same appearance as the player but wearing knight helmet with their own unique armor set (like pillagers have their unique armor look) if the community would focus more on improving golems or adding a entirely new type of humanoid npc like piglins to Minecraft maybe something like this or similar would get added . 👍

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    NazMonkey8534 commented
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    yea to see them train and have an entire bluiding,/camp site they train in or get weapon/make them they selves

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    HeckGamerBR7 commented
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    Man, this idea is cool, i'll wait for minecraft's response for this