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Autocrafting: Crafter Villager


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    I hadn't thought of something like that. It does indeed make good use of an existing mechanic. It seems like a simple crafting table might be a little easy, and it'd be hard to only collect finished items, but maybe both issues could be squashed by requiring a workshop consisting of multiple stations?

    Could also extend this in the future to different kinds of professions for crafting different categories of objects, from a baker (food) to a carpenter (wooden items) to a blacksmith (iron items and machines).

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    I think the basic concept is good, here are my few change ideas:
    - villager become a crafter villager if he can reach a crafting bench like others a workstation.
    - At first he should give you two crafting recipes like a trade for emerald of course, depending on how many emerald you give him he will craft as many of that thing and put it in a chest that is right beside the crafting table (if there is no chest next to the crafting table the villager won't craft).
    - The villager could craft you a less than half a stack when he is a novice and more than a stack when he is a master.

    For example:
    A villager become a craftman then he will offer you 2 thing to craft, some basic stuff because at first he is a novice. for a price of course like 1-6 emeralds, let's say he will craft you (2)trapdoors for the wood the crafting requires and for 2 emeralds. Then you give him 12 wooden planks (same kind ofc) and 4 emeralds and he will do it and put it in the chest next to the crafting table. By more "trade" your villager gets xp just like other villagers and leveling up giving you more advanced recipes and more crafts/trade.