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Keep legacy Mojang accounts active


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    ZekromZZ Zek commented
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    This. Microsoft accounts are notorious for false bans and breaches. I would be ready to argue that the current system is safer for our accounts, and won’t require me to make useless Microsoft accounts for my alts. 2FA is great though, as long as you can use an authenticator app like Authy. If it’s tied to phone number I will be extremely disappointed given that it restricts the number of accounts you can own and hackers have been using social engineering to bypass it for years now.

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    oak bricks commented
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    I agree with what ZekromZZ Zek said  MS/Xbox Accounts can be banned easily, anyone who knows how to report an account can ban an account with the account owner doing nothing wrong (although this ban only lasts about 3 months it is still enough to keep someone from playing minecraft) if Mojang wants 2FA and other features why not add it to the current accounts system?


    Answer us Mojang.