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The Tipper (a Deep Dark mob)


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    Dragolantis commented
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    I don't think this should be in minecraft, while I might be biased as I have my own deep dark lizard mob, I feel that this "ScalesMeat" is not only a silly name but not enough incentive to go to the deep dark and hunt these things. The only I might change my mind about this meat is if it restores that amount of hunger uncooked. Another thing is, why do I have to breed them underground? I know what you mean, as you want to keep them exclusive to the deep dark, but what's stopping us? What is stopping us from grabbing a few leads, heading to the deep dark, and snagging some Tippers to breed at my enormous base. The only thing I admire is your vote count for a mob you suggested yesterday but I do not believe this thing should be in minecraft.

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    tobstercat commented
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    This should be in the game because almost every lizard irl uses vibrations to hunt (and snakes too) and it could look like the axolotl and it being the predator of the warden seems like a big nope but minecraft could add it to add awareness to a endangered species of lizards good idea should be in the game