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Hitbox command


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    F3 + b

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    u8iuui11 commented
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    You can prevent your player from pushing/getting pushed by other entities hitboxes by creating a team, joining the team, and doing:
    /team modify <team> collisionRule never

    Also, ShadowPath79074
    F3+B doesn't enable/disable hitboxes, it only renders the hitboxes.

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    Blek Snek commented
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    u8iuui11: This is true, but sometimes the player may already be in a team. This command would be useful not only for making hitboxes not get in the way, but also for making custom hitboxes, for an example, used with special bosses. For instance, maybe you have to kill a boss at the end of a minigame, but the boss has a state where he can't be hit, and there is a special point where he can be hit. This command would be perfect for this. So not only simply colliding with other entities, but also hitting them, which is a bit difficult to do if your player is already in a team for some reason.